Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Surveying the Property between Bouts of Rain


We’ve had a lot of rain! All of Texas… and here in our little part of it, this 3 day weekend was much of the same! The grass is getting taller, we can’t mow. Water is standing in the field and around the house. There are people that have lost much… home, and family.  The news report is sad.

Our problems are just that… problems. I’m grateful that its just minimal here;  and at the same time…prayerful for others that have it worse.

This was taken after the rain last night. Soggy water-logged puddles everywhere.

We had Tornado Warnings last night and my son said the sirens we’re going off on his side of the lake.  We don’t hear the sirens here.  Thank goodness.  I’ve lived where there were sirens used…and it just makes my anxiety go UP!

The rain gauge this morning said 5 inches… I’m sure it was more than that… when it’s full, where does it go?!

Today, my youngest daughter went for orientation for her new job.  She is going back to work and putting that nursing degree use.

We had 5 Littles today. This is Liam. 

iphone pics 028

He gets the rocking chair to himself…just like Vince used to do. I sit there and rock him to sleep and then put him in the play pen.  For now, we rotate the babies, another play pen would sure come in handy!  I’ll be looking for one second hand. When I took this Bash was asleep too. 

Not sure how that happened…but it was nice and quiet for about 45 minutes.

The others got a fun lesson in feeding the craw-dads.

A little bacon, a little string, a whole lot of patience. Smile 

iphone pics 042

Not this one.  He didn’t care to have mud squishing in his toes! 

That’s it here… in our wet and soggy part of the world.

Hope y’all are staying high and dry. If you see water crossing the road… turn around and don’t drown.   Don’t chance it.

‘Til next time, be blessed.


Monday, May 25, 2015

On a Three Day anything Can Happen


***Let me get one TECHNICAL BLOG POINT out of the way, I’ve set all my comments to be Moderated for the time being. I hoping to be able to catch any and ALL COMMENTS that come into the blog. ---Some of you are leaving a comment and I don’t see it or get any notification on blogger or in my mail box… I don’t like that.  I want to be able to read what you have to say to me and respond. 

So that being said…

Here’s how my weekend went…

For us, it was rather quiet.  Three days off from the Littles… they were off doing family things with THE PARENTAL UNITS! Corn in My Coffee-Pot © 2015

-our daughter… she makes us proud!-

We were kept in the loop with updates periodically on the fun that ensued. Winking smile 

This past week—we had our car in the shop and got it tuned up and had some gaskets and minor things done to it. So Saturday morning early, Honey took it and got two new tires put on; then down for the inspection.  Woot-woot!  we’re legal for another year!

The Honey and I spent all day around the house after that—me at the computer, him and my son in law… dinking around with the 4 wheeler replacing ball joints.

On Sunday—We went out for breakfast and dinner… Oh my goodness… I feel fat!  That’s what eating out does for me… I think I over do it. The worst part of eating out, was breakfast … the coffee was awful. The best part of eating out… was sitting side by side with Honey…and getting to watch the Rangers play NY Yankees on the big screen! 

We only saw the first inning and then we got our check and left—don’t get me started about not being able to see baseball on regular broadcast TV.  I’m not happy about it. So I’ve not seen many games this season.  I try listening on the stereo… but, that would require me sitting and being completely unproductive. Can’t do it.  So I try and keep up with them on-line.

Go Rangers we had a 5-2 win! 

Earlier in the day… we traveled to the other side of the county… and went travel trailer door shopping, in the rain.  You can read about that on my other blog CORN IN MY COFFEE CAN my little vintage trailer  image


Even earlier in the day… we shopped ACE Hardware for pool supplies and canning supplies… I bought some new BALL jars for Blackberry Jam. It’s on the list of THINGS TO DO! 

That’s it a pretty low key weekend. Though, I am pretty stoked about the camper door!  We know how to have fun, don’t we?

Hope your weekend was a good one… did you do anything exciting and fun?

‘Til next time, be blessed-



one little word



Sunday, May 24, 2015

Analyzing the Blog and What to Make of it


Saturday was rainy and cool all day. No projects to be done. So I spent the better part of today on the computerS

Having gotten the new computer up and running.  I’ve been back and forth –between both computers reading and updating.  There is so much that needs to be done on the blog… but I’m afraid the Green Monster just isn’t up to the task.

the green monster

I truly didn’t realize how sluggish he’d become. Yes… my computer is a HE; and I’m a namer of things. I haven’t named the new one. I’m sure a name will come… as we become more acquainted. Winking smile No rush!

I’m letting you know, I’ll be making some changes over the next little bit. In order to keep at this—I’m going to have to become more zealous in advertising. It is a necessary evil!

Before jumping into blogger and just tearing my blog apart… I am researching. I can’t be too cautious; with the SCRAPING that occurred last year and the URL SCARE last month (turned out to be nothing, Thank God)   I’ve done some heart searching too.

I have to be genuine. It’s important to you…it’s very important to me.

In my research I came to the realization that my own photos…as crummy as they may be (I’ve made no pretense that I was ever good with a camera) are worthy of my attention and THEY belong on my blog. Most of the time I ask to use another blogger’s photos here. But I’m guilty of using Pinterest images and other Google type images on my blog too.


I’m going through many of my posts and removing photos and will hopefully be replacing them with a link.  This is one example post. Though the piggy bank photo I got from online and doctored—doesn’t currently have a replacement. This is going to take some time. But well worth it!

Blog-Keeping- It’s not all about pretty pictures.

Besides photos, I’m going to be systematically going through my posts, cleaning up broken links, creating a more organized labeling system for my blog. I have some pretty good content here from the last 7 1/2 years.  It’s just disorganized. 

Staying Connected- Comments

Being able to communicate, with you, my readers is important.  With the addition of the mobile advertising, that was added last year—came barriers. For a time I was unable to receive comments from many who used iPads or other mobile devices.  I toyed with the idea of threading comments…  with that system, at least, I was able to reply to those who left comments that were no-reply comment bloggers as long as they utilized the NOTIFY ME button. 

Regarding comments it has come to this. I will be having a full page comments. There is NO ‘notify me’—if you are a no-reply commenter – I’ll not be able to contact you, unless I have your email and know you personally…you know who you are! Winking smile 

If you have a mobile device—then you should from this point on be able to leave a comment. 

However, for some of you there is a glitch… I am not notified at all that you left a comment unless I read the comments myself… as if I’m going to be leaving myself a comment!  One problem at a time!

In an effort to advertise, monetize…and specialize on the blog; I’m trying to understand the finer points of it all. What better place to learn than from other bloggers. I was able to make a little bit more money last year, with Amazon, Google and PadSquad. But honestly I need to ramp it up a bit—to keep blogging.

This isn’t what some want to hear or read; but then yet… there are those, who, just like me, would like to have an income from blogging and don’t know where to start.  Maybe something can come of it—and we can learn together, huh?

In the mean time, here are links to posts I’ve been reading. Perhaps, you have some suggestions.

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Direct Linking vs. Landing pages

IFB’s Quick and Easy Blog Analytics Cheat Sheet 

‘til next time, be blessed, bloggin’


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