Monday, March 2, 2015

:: My Own Personal Touches

I wanted to take a minute to say THANK YOU SO MUCH!  to all of you.  Some of you left comments, and some emailed me directly—all of you warmed my heart with your thoughts, comments, and encouragement!  It truly does make me feel good to know that your warm expressions and prayers are being said for me.  {HUGS} TO ALL OF YOU!
Sometimes a girl just needs to let it all out.  So… I did and I’m done with that.  Now to the guest bedroom progress!
This room is definitely a mish-mash of furniture.  I didn’t take the time to paint any furniture, except for the mirror over the old Magnavox Stereo… which works, by the way!  The walls have been painted and let me tell you… MID NIGHT BLUE… is a real bear of a color to cover! 
 guest room bed-window- stereo
I’m a sucker for old lamps!  The little lamp on the table is one I picked up years ago—at Bargain land… you might recognize a certain settee and chair in that post!
I’m making notes about furniture, whether we move or not, the furniture needs updating  with paint or repairs. I’m also making notes about finishing up and considering added my own touches. With the hand me down furniture, bedding and things—it will be nice to add things of my own… things that I like!
midnight blue armoire guest bedroom
  • The bed came from my mother in law’s house; as did the quilt.  The frame is a bit wonky—and needs bracing with side rails between the foot-board and head-board.  I’m looking forward for the opportunity to use my Kreg Jig, jr on it.  I’m thinking of painting it too.  Though right now, I like the wood. We’ll see.
  • The armoire still Mid-night blue.  It will get new paint and I’ve got a water fall dresser, though not identical, they are close enough and from the same time period—they go well together.  It will be painted too.
  • As to finishes for the room. We have fans we’re changing out and of course trim/ molding where the ceiling and walls meet.
triptyche artwork
The walls are bare after taking everything down, and packing it up.  I did hang this triptyche… I painted it a few years back… it was a long work in progress and never had hardware on the back until now!

This is an ‘in progress’ picture, I wasn’t even finished painting the base-board; but, I wanted to show you  the last thing.  We took the carpet up. Wow! what a surprise.  The floors were in very good shape despite being covered with carpet. 

I still have more to show—as I get it completed.  (You can read: The Front Bedroom /before) 

Right now, the only signs a teen ager ever occupied  this room in the past 10 years—are the drums stacked in the corners.  Right now, we are storing 3 sets for my son.  He’s no longer a teen either… so don’t tell him I said that!
‘Til next time, Be Blessed~ and stay warm!
*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~micah 68

Saturday, February 28, 2015

:: We’re in Limbo and Limbo ain’t Pretty!


When it came time to work in the front bedroom—I knew I didn’t want to just go back the way it has always been; you know,  slapping some paint on the walls, putting the furniture back and be done with it.  I wanted to put my own touches on this room. At the same time, we have the move to consider.

However,  at the time I was working on the bedroom—the move was out and we were waiting for an appraisal and getting refinancing,instead.  Currently, we are in limbo about the house.

Let me back up just a bit and explain.  I told you back before the holidays, as far back as Thanksgiving I think—we were finally agreeing it was time to move. Since then—it has been an up and down roller coaster.  Getting the house ready to sell. Then, out of the clear blue we talked with about getting refinancing. 

It looked like that would be the way we’d go instead. We filled out the paper work, got approved for the refinancing and had an appraisal on the books—waiting for the appraiser.  That day, he never showed. I called to find out where he was, perhaps lost, or just running late… what? 

He told me it was canceled and to call the finance office. That is when I found out.  The refinance was off the table. The air let out of my balloon with a big bang!  Not the floating, spitting and sputtering type of balloon that flies around in a funny sort of way.  No. 


This all happened in the past 10 days. Now… I haven’t done a thing. I’ve not scrambled to find another route to take.  I’ve not screamed, cried or stomped my feet.  Oh no… wait.  There was that hour, same day—where I went to bed and cried!

Waaaaahhhhh!!!!!  just like a baby.  I forgot about that. In fact, let’s all forget about that.  It didn’t do a lick of good.  I did NOT get my way. For once in my life, I truly don’t know what we’re going to do…about any of this.

My emotions are wrung out… like a cold wet sloppy rag, if I can say so.

I’m trusting the LORD. At a time when everything within me wants to DO SOMETHING. ANYTHING. TO MAKE SOMETHING HAPPEN AND MAKE OUR FINANCIAL SITUATION BETTER. I am taking my moments with my family.  I’m holding babies.  I’m crocheting. Tending chickens… normal stuff. I’m making a mortgage payment at a time in life when, honestly, I thought we’d be done with it by now.

So that… in a nut shell, is why I’ve not blogged much lately.  It is hard to put on a happy face, when you’re not happy.  It’s hard to sit down and put into words how I really feel.  I don’t care much for the sugar coating.

I want to share this little statue of Emmett Kelly,Jr… the wine-o.   I’m not sure if that’s the name of this figure.  But, he’s got a bottle in the hand. He looks destitute.  I found him while working in the front bedroom in a box. I took him out and put him on display…because HE is my style. (more on that later too)


I was given this my senior year in high-school.  By the mother of my best friend.  I kept it for years because it reminded me of her. Every time I see it I think of her. I still think of her.

But now, I keep it because it reminds me of something deeper. It reminds me that no matter how bad things get—no matter the circumstances. Whether the bottom is a bottle or if your rock bottom is something else…Like wrung out emotions and cold wet sloppy rags… God will find you.  Seek Him.

We aren’t promised tomorrow.  But if you are so gracious to wake up and have a tomorrow—it’s because He made it so and tomorrow He’ll be there too. 


‘Til next time, Be Blessed~ and stay warm!

micah 68


Friday, February 27, 2015

:: Routine Evenings and Crocheting

hanging hand towel
In between doctor appointments and holding babies…and driving my grandson back and forth to school (helping his momma out) – I’ve been busy at home, working on projects.  I’ve been cleaning out rooms, boxing up things for donations and painting and cleaning.   That’s reason there hasn’t been many blog posts…
but in the evening it’s pretty much routine. 
I cook something light and the Honey and I sit down to eat and watch old re-runs of M.A.S.H.  I just love that show.  The humor is clean and it makes me laugh and on occasion we both get a little teary eyed. 
Honey loves to watch old shows on TV.  My TV is so routine… I watch M.A.S.H. but if he doesn’t turn it on, I don’t make the effort.  No… my program?  COLUMBO.   I love watching those old shows and;  I do like some of the British programs on P.B.S.  so I watch those… but anytime I’m sitting it’s mainly to be in the room with my Honey.  I most always have my crochet in my lap…well, lately anyway. 
Recently, I decided to use up all my cotton yarn spools.   I could use some hand towels in the kitchen, so that’s what I’m making. 
Since Sunday—I’ve made 3 towels and 1 dish cloths while sitting in front of the TV
crochet hand towels
Not bad considering I need new towels…and I had all this yarn on hand. 
I’ve been crocheting just about all my married life—Honey’s Grandma showed me the basics the very first time I met her; after that I got a book from the Library and taught myself the basics, including reading patterns.  Only recently, have I decided that I’d like to learn some new stitches and improve my crochet skill sets!

You know, sort of taking my crochet from “that’ll do” to “Wow! that looks great!”
One is the FOUNDATION series of stitches… single crochets/ double crochets (there are more, I’ve not mastered those yet) rather than chaining a foundation chain and then going back and inserting a single or double crochet in each one, which can be tedious and also cause your work to be tight on that end; instead create the foundation chains and the single or double crochets on the first pass together.   I followed this tutorial at Crochet Ever After …on you tube

I just watched one of her videos showing how to crochet a scarf on the bias…with broad stripes.  She goes over BLOCKING your completed piece…which I NEVER do.  But after seeing her tutorial and finished scarf…I must say—it looks so nice.  Though, I probably won’t be blocking my dish towels. 
I just won’t.

If you’re thinking of starting a craft…crochet is a fun and fairly easy yarn craft to learn.  I don’t consider myself to be a beginner or a professional at this; however I think I’ve gotten to be pretty good with the hook! I know for sure I won’t be putting any videos out there teaching, though years ago, I did teach a crochet class. Anyway, Crochet Ever After has lots of videos with easy to follow demonstrations for the beginner—and I’ve enjoyed watching and learning new techniques from her.  Hey, if you don’t know it… then you don’t know.  You have to learn somehow.  

stripey effect crochet towel
These towels are my latest creation…in fact the pattern is my own, and they all turned out pretty consistent in size.  Not too heavy and hopefully they’ll stand up to all the use they’ll be getting in my kitchen!
Question:  I made these with cotton...but they aren't as absorbent as I'd like them to be... any suggestions? 
‘Til next time, Be Blessed~ and stay warm!
“ He has shown you O man, what is good, And what does the Lord require of you; but to Do justice, Love Mercy,and to walk Humbly with your God?” Micah 6:8